Carpet with stars handmade gray

kr 800.00

L 260 cm x W 160 cm. Total length: 245 cm + 15 cm in fringes at both ends. About. 3-4 mm thick.

A practical carpet size that fits with dining room furniture and coffee tables.

A slightly bohemian and uncomplicated expression in this carpet fits many different interior styles.

100% handmade of organic cotton and dyed with all natural vegetable gray colors.

The carpet has an embroidered label with – writing in gold thread on a light pink background.

The carpet can be washed gently with a damp cloth or sponge and any mild soap as well. It can also be showered with water and rolled up, preferably around a pipe or a shaft to gently squeeze the water. The rug should not be folded firmly in order to avoid the stripes in the pattern. It is hung or laid out to dry in the sun.

Weight: 3800 g

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This timeless gray-colored rug is woven of organic cotton and is 100% handmade. Craftsmen from Rajasthan, India, use traditional dyeing techniques. The colors are applied by means of symmetrical pistons or wood blocks (Wood Block Printing). The dyeing process involves sinking the rug in fully vegetable gray color to make it thoroughly coloured. Then the carpet is laid out for the drying in the sun. After the carpet has become dry, they press a darker star pattern with wood blocks on it and again put the rug to dry in the sun. The process could be repeated with the same steps in order to get different shades of gray. Minor irregularities in the pattern have their own charm and testify of a handmade product.


Vekt 3800 g