Moringa Age Defying Beauty Oil from Organic Veda 50 ml

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100% organic oil composition from Organic Veda in 50 ml pump bottle. 100% natural.

Key ingredients: cold-pressed moringa seed oil (extra virgin), cold-pressed sesame oil (extra virgin), amla fruit, turmeric, brahmi leaves, rubia cordifolia roots, cold-pressed jojoba oil, bark from arjuna, moringa leaves.

A unique composition consisting of nature’s most wonderful herbs for combating the signs of age in the skin.

The oil has a fresh and pleasant scent of lemon grass / lime.

Suitable for all skin types. Is effectively absorbed / gives a silk mat skin surface. Gives natural glow, adds moisture and restores a fresh tone of skin. Removes dark circles under the eyes. Smooths out fine lines / wrinkles and decreases scars. Reduces pores. Renews the skin. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin by means of phytoestrogen and thus increases the elasticity of the skin.

Cold-pressed seed oil from Moringa miracle tree is a main ingredient that is very rich in antioxidants (1700 different), vitamins, oleic acid (about 74%), antiinflammatory substances (36 different), nutrients (over 90) and iron. These active substances soften, nourish, improve blood circulation, combat free radicals / skin aging and inflammation.

Free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic colors, synthetic perfume, paraffin, silicone, petroleum products, GMOs, pesticides, insecticides and harmful chemicals.

Manufactured in Western Ghats, India.

Weight: 60 g.


Moringa Age Defying Beauty Oil:

Truly works to bring out the beauty in you

ORGANIC VEDA Moringa Age Defying Beauty Oil is a 100% natural advanced plant based formula penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin and truly works efficiently to bring out the beauty in you. It gives skin a natural glow and helps to restore skin tone. For a true effective, strong, supple, moisturized and firm young skin use regularly ORGANIC VEDA moringa age defying beauty oil. Our ethnic formula from the nature’s most effective herbs concentrated with antioxidant and nutrient dense organic cold pressed moringa oil works efficiently to bring out the beauty in you.


Key Organic Ingredients



Vekt 60 g


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