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100% vegan moringa capsules. 120 capsules per screw cap plastic box. The capsule wall is made of vegetable cellulose.

Content: pure powder of moringa leaves / Moringa oleifera. 400 mg of moringa per 1 capsule. It is recommended to take 2 capsules twice a day.

Moringa leaves dried under low temperature have provenly more nutrients than fresh moringa leaves. Moringa oleifera is highly bioavailable or easily absorbed into the digestive system so that the body can effectively utilize the nutrients. Moringa miracle tree has most nutrients of all plants on earth. Gives energy and strengthens the immune system.

Rich in vitamins (A, B-choline, B1 / thiamine, B2 / riboflavin, B3 / nicotinic acid, B12, C / ascorbic acid), Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, fiber, minerals (Ca / calcium, Mg / Magnesium, K / potassium, Cu / copper, Fe / iron, P / phosphorus, Zn / zink), amino acids (Arginine, Histidine, Lysine, Tryptophan, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Leucine, Methionine, Isoleucine, Valine), 46 different antioxidants (Epi Gallo Catechin Gallate / EGCG) and phytonutrients (tannins, sterols, saponins, trepenoids, phenols, alkaloids and flavonoids such as quercitin, isoquercitin, kaemfericitin, isothiocyanate).

Strong antioxidant, antiatherosclerotic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective.

Suitable for people of all ages as well as persons with gluten allergy and persons with lactose intolerance.

Moringa capsules from Organic Veda do not have fillers, artificial colors, gluten, starch, sugar, added aroma, artificial substances, binders or other additives.

Made in Western Ghats, India.

Weight: 100 g.

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This dietary supplement is made of pure Moringa oleifera leaf powder in a safe concentration. Moringa is a unique nutritional supplement that has been used in India for thousands of years. Moringa is rich in vitamin A, B (many B vitamins or B complex) and C that work against various health problems. Moringa’s rich vitamin A protects the vision and provides healthy skin. It has a high level of potassium that is important for the nervous system and brain function. The calcium in Moringa oleifera contributes to stronger bone structure. Moringa has protein building blocks since it contains all essential amino acids that the human organism is not itself capable of producing, and therefore must be added to the diet to prevent deficiencies in the protein synthesis of the body.

Moringa oleifera has historically been used against over 300 different diseases (also as a preventive nutrition) in Ayurveda – tradition such asthma, diabetes, hypoglycemia, flu, herpes simplex, pneumonia, bronchitis, migraine, eye and ear infections, diarrhea , high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, dementia, cerebral biliary disease and various skin diseases.

Moringa capsules have been identified to provide best solution against malnutrition. It is from natural sources enriched with essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients can regulate functions of various human organs. You will get RDA of various nutrients if you cannot afford to have 6 servings of fruits or vegetables in a day. Gram per gram dried moringa leaves have more vitamin A than carrot and more calcium than milk. Moringa leaves are eaten as vegetables in countries such as India, Srilanka and Philippines. They have trace minerals, macro minerals, proteins, vitamins, beta carotene, vitamin C, essential amino acids and polyphenols such as kaempferol, quercetin that impart the valuable properties for this moringa product. These polyphenols detox and improve the function of liver. It can enhance immunity through blood sugar level and lipids. It can regulate insulin secretion and lipids level.

ORAC value of moringa is higher than any other fruits and vegetables that have been verified as the healthiest foods in the world. Antioxidants are that chemicals that inhibit the oxidation activity of free radicals. Otherwise the free radicals will destroy the cells by damaging their structure. Antioxidants can inhibit activity of the free radicals. They can safely interact with free radicals and terminate their activity before healthy cells are damaged.

Moringa leaves powder capsules

These antioxidants are best when they are obtained from the natural plant resources such as leaves, fruits or stems. Moringa leaves when dried at low temperature have been found to contain more than twice the amount of nutrients than the fresh leaves. As they are in the readily available form of capsules you can get the many health benefits easily by consuming them directly.

Moringa veggie capsules are a food supplement that can fulfill the role of various micro and macro minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids all in one. Moringa is the name derived from Malayalam word ‘Murunga’. It is known as horse radish tree and Ben tree in English. In Philippines, it is known by the name Malunggay.

Researchers have studied nutritional value of the dried powder and fresh leaves. It was surprising to know that low temperature dried leaf powder has twice the nutrients than in fresh leaves. Moringa is considered as a nutrient dense plant. This capsule supplements are excellent supplements as they can fulfill the nutritional requirements of a balanced diet.

Moringa capsule nutrition facts

Per 100 gram or Edible Portion Leaf Powder
Protein (g) 27.1
Fat (g) 2.3
Carbohydrate (g) 38.2
Fiber (g) 19.2
Calcium (mg) 2,003
Magnesium (mg) 368
Phosphorus (mg) 204
Potassium (mg) 1,324
Copper (mg) .057
Iron (mg) 28.2
Sulfur (mg) 870
Oxalic Acid (mg) 1.6
Vitamin A – Beta Carotene (mg) 16.3
Vitamin B – Choline (mg) 16.3
Vitamin B1 – Thiamin (mg) 2.64
Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin (mg) 20.5
Vitamin B3 – Nicotinic Acid (mg) 8.2
Vitamin C – Ascorbic Acid (mg) 17.3
Vitamin E – Tocopherol Acetate (mg) 113
Arginine (g / 16gN) 1.33%
Histidine (g / 16gN) 0.61%
Lysine (g / 16gN) 1.32%
Tryptophan (g / 16gN) 0.43%
Phenylanaline (g / 16gN) 1.39%
Methionine (g / 16gN) 0.35%
Threonine (g / 16gN) 1.19%
Leucine (g / 16gN) 1.95%
Isoleucine (g / 16gN) 0.83%
Valine (g / 16gN) 1.06%

Vitamin A and C present in moringa oleifera leaves are responsible for controlling the various types of infections. Potency of Moringa oleifera extract has been due to the constituents of the leaves. Induction of Phase-II enzymes (GSTs) and antioxidant enzymes, occupied in the anti-carcinogenic activity have been evaluated. Non Governmental Organizations started to use them as the leaf powder and capsules were found to be viable solution for malnutrition.

In poor African countries, capsules have been distributed to poor children to combat malnutrition. People in wealthy, affluent countries are afflicted with new types of infections and there is an increase in obesity. Worldwide there is increased usage of these capsules. Moringa leaves powder capsules are manufactured from natural ingredients sourced through organic farming.


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