Payment and security

Shop safe with us

We aim to have the absolute best security in terms of online sales and management of personal data. When using credit card, no fees will be charged. The transaction/payment is made via PayPal (the world’s largest secure payment systems provider) and Klarna. We do not receive or store any information about your card.

Safety of purchases and privacy

It’s safe to shop at All information is kept confidential. Payment of goods is made using PayPal checkout, which accepts Visa, MasterCard and the vast majority of regular credit/debit cards. You do not need to dispose a PayPal account to make payments – it can be done as a PayPal guest. PayPal is one of the safest methods of payment online. Klarna is also a safe and easy payment option. After the purchase transaction, you will be emailed an invoice with an order number. You can see your unique order in our database, you don’t need to be registered to see this (in the receipt follows a unique password for the order) and there also follows a direct link to the order to the online store.

Collection and use of personal information

We collect only personal information that you provide to us and which is necessary to carry out our contractual obligations to you in accordance with regulatory requirements.   Your personal information will only be used in order for us to carry out our obligations to you, i.e. we need your billing address for delivery.


We have per today 2 payment options. Payment with:

1. Visa/Debit Card (PayPal)

Payment is withdrawn from the card once the order is completed. When you press the “PayPal” button on the “Checkout/Klarna checkout” page, you are transferred to PayPal’s payment service to enter your card number.  

2. Visa/debit card, invoice and part payment (Klarna)

In “Checkout/Klarna Checkout” You can also select Klarna’s payment options and enter the social security number for the complition of the order.

Receive an invoice (Klarna Invoice)

With Klarna invoice you make your purchases easily via your social security number.

Klarna is Europe’s leading supplier of billing and financing solutions for online shopping.

Klarna is with its services Klarna Invoice and Klarna Account, Scandinavia’s most popular payment method when you as a customer always get goods home before you pay. The payment process is the fastest on the web today, and Klarna puts great emphasis on the fact that you as a consumer should be able to feel secure when shopping online.

When you pay with Klarna Invoice, you shop safely and easily. You never have to provide your card information and always pay after you have received your items.

  • Always get the item home before you pay

  • Always 14 days payment deadline

  • You never have to enter your card information

  • 14 days right of withdrawal according to “right of withdrawal”-law *

  • You can download your invoice at

  • Partial payment option * *

Credit time is at least 14 days from invoice date. Entrepreneurs can, when indicated at the checkout, be offered a credit period of 30 days from the invoice date. Invoice is sent together with the shipment. An invoice fee of 0 KR is applicable per purchase. If payment is omitted, a reminder fee of 70 NOK is added and a delay rate of 8.50%.

Credit check

When selecting Klarna as payment solution, a credit check can be made. If the credit check is made, a letter will be sent either electronically or by mail.

Conversion of invoice to flexible partial payment

On your bill you may be offered to pay a lower amount instead of paying the entire invoice right away. If you choose to pay a lower amount than the total amount, this is considered as an application to change the invoice to a flexible partial payment (Klarna Account). You then pay at your own pace, but at least 95 NOK per month. Klarna Account is a frame credit that can be used for the purchase of goods and services from online stores that offer Klarna Account. The actual account agreement will be made later in connection with the account agreement being sent to your registered address. Klarna Account offers the consumer the opportunity to pay purchases in monthly installments collected on a monthly invoice, instead of paying the full amount right away for the individual purchase. Your credit limit is at largest 5,000 NOK. If you made your first purchase on partial payment approved for an amount that is higher than 5,000 NOK, then this is the amount that is your credit limit. The credit limit also appears on the first page of the agreement. The terms of the Klarna Account are shown below.

For a purchase of for example 5 000 NOK there is no establishment fee. The yearly rate is 22% and the monthly management fee is 45 NOK, which constitutes an effective rate of 48.56%. The price of the credit purchase will be 6 156 NOK with 12 partial payments of 513 NOK. This example assumes that partial payment is occurring over a year.

If this is the first time you choose to postpone or split the payment on a purchase, this is only an offer of deferred payments. This is only necessary to make the first time you choose to postpone or split the payment. The actual agreement is made in connection with an account agreement sent to your registered address. To be binding, the account agreement must be signed and returned to Klarna. If the account agreement is not signed and returned, you will not be bound by the account agreement. If you don’t choose to be bound by the  account agreement, our general billing terms will apply to your purchase.

General conditions can be found here.

The standardized European information on consumer credit can be found here.

Use of personal information

Personal information is handled in accordance with applicable law. Klarna uses personal information primarily to perform customer analysis, identification, credit assessments and for marketing. Your customer number at Klarna is your social security number. See Klarna’s privacy policy for a further description of how we handle personal data.

By using the Klarna as your payment solution, you agree that we use your personal information in accordance with the Klarna’s privacy policy, including any transfer to certain specific partners or states outside the EU/ European Economic Area.

* Applies to consumer purchases only and does not apply to goods and services such as for example travel by air, events and custom merchandises.

* * The possibility of partial payment is offered to private individuals only.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us at phone nr 21 01 89 91 every weekday between 08:00 – 17:00. In case of disputes, the account holder may contact Allmänna Reklamationsnæmnden, Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm.

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